Our office is very excited to extend our services to the comfort of your own home with telemedicine.  These virtual encounters can encompass a number of conditions, including medication follow-up visits for ADHD, anxiety and depression.  Call our nurses at (614)508-ABCD to schedule an appointment.   Once that's scheduled simply direct your web browser to at the alotted time.

If you haven't done so already, please print, review, and sign this informed consent form.

Other tips for a great video consult:

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.  Be as close to your router as possible.
  • Make sure your device is well charged or plugged in.
  • As you log into our waitroom, you will be asked to allow access to your microphone and camera.   If you don't allow it, we won't be able to communicate with you.
  • Video consults can happen with any device that has a browser.   Desktop/laptop computers tend to have better quality than mobile devices.
  • The better lighting you have, the better we'll be able to see you
  • We will likely be discussing private health information.  Be mindful of where you are and who is within earshot.
  • During periods of high demand we may see varying degrees of bandwidth.  Be patient.  If we are able, we may ask to try again later.

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